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Q: Do I need to pre-pay? Can I view the image first?

A: Pre-paying is not required, but is strongly encouraged. During the pre-pay period we are able to offer a slight discount and some additional products, due to bulk shipping through our lab. Once the pre-pay period ends, late order pricing and limited products will be available. If you would like to view the image before ordering you can do so from the proof. Proofs will be sent out from the school roughly 4-6 weeks after the photo day and will include a link and password to order online at our late order prices.

Q: Will pricing or products change after the pre-pay period ends?

A: Yes. Bulk ordering from our lab during the pre-pay period allows us to offer reduced pricing and more product/package options. Once the pre-pay period ends, late order pricing take effect and some items/packages will no longer be available.

Q: It says that I need a password or access code to order. What does that mean and where do I find it?

A: Students receive and should bring home a photo proof approximately 4-6 weeks after photo day, which includes a link and password for ordering / reordering online. If you need us to resend you that information, please fill out this password customer service form below.

Q: Ordered a Digital Download, How do I get it?

You will find your individual image digital download sent to the email you provided.
Please look for sender: Harmon Photography INC 
subject line will state: Your Images are Ready

Download links do expire after 60 days & subject to reprocessing fee to reset link.
{Team photos are not sold as a digital download)


Q: What is the dress code?

A: The dress code for senior portraits requires that ladies wear a dressy top, solid colors with a modest neckline & longer sleeves. Gentlemen wear a dressy collared shirt (ties/jackets are recommended but optional). No wording or graphics are permitted.


Q: When will my graduation order be delivered? How are they delivered?

A: Graduation orders are delivered approx. 2-4 weeks after the ceremony and will be shipped to your home address.


Q: My child needs a photo taken on retake day. What do I need to do?

A: There is no sign-up necessary for retake photos. The link on our site is for ordering only. Students who wish to have their photos retaken (or who were absent on photo day) need to let their teachers know they need a photo taken so they can be sent down to the photographer. If your student was not photographed on the original photo day, they need to let the photographer know that they were not previously photographed.

In order to process a retake for a student that was previously photographed, the entire original picture packet and envelope must be returned on retake day, even if you did not purchase a package. If a package was not purchased, there will be a $5 retake fee (please include in returned package).

Q: What qualifies for a retake?

A: To be eligible for a retake you MUST include a valid reason for the retake so that our photographers may help correct the issue or concern. If it was simply you didn't have proper outfit or a haircut, that does not apply to a free retake and you must include the $5 retake fee.


Q: My Athlete was absent on picture day, Can we still get one taken?

A: You may contact the studio to schedule a session to have one taken. There is a minimum order of $25 

Q: My Athlete missed being in the group/team photo, Can they be added in?

A: Although we do not normally leave room within the team photo to digitally add someone in. You may contact the studio to schedule a session to have an individual image taken. We can do our best to add into the group/team photo. There is a minimum order of $40 

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